Church family Prayer Needs

Craig Ellis - having a cardiac procedure on May 26th.

Betty Wade - mild case of Covid-19.  Charlie and their son have been tested. 

Vickie Martin's dad, Joseph "Glenn" Owen's passed away. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Linda Southworth - surgery planned for May 14th has been rescheduled for May 21st because of low iron levels.

*Dale Merriss, Phil Merriss' father - finished chemo treatments and will have surgery on June 4th.

Theresa Moore - Had another surgery and after a 5-7 day stay at the hosptial, she will go home.

*Evelyn West, Tony Moore's mother is on Hospice care.

Kathy Bosdell

Dodge Havens - continuing a clinical trial at UVA

Florence Oliver - having 7th round of chemo this week.  Please pray for strength and no nausea this time.

Jamie & Crystal Davis - God's guidance in their marriage and unspoken request.

Karen Radvany's mother, Frances Lane passed away.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

*Kailey Cook, Kathy Bosdell's granddaughter-having brain surgery on May 1st at The Cleveland Clinic to stop seizures from epilepsy.

*Connie Walton, Fran Rohr's sister-in-law - at Riverside Hospital with sepsis and is generally poor health.

*Amber Williams, close family friend of the Redford's - diagnosed with COVID-19 and she also has other health conditions and has been in contact with her mom who also has serious health issues.

Dudley Williams -His surgery has been postponed to the end of May.  He has bladder cancer.

Jim & Rita Strath's daughter, Wendy, has had a recurrance of her cancer.

Charles "PeeWee" Leber - He has stage 3 lung cancer.  He will start treatments on May 5th (radiation fo r6 weeks, chemo for 4 weeks.