Sermon Notes

June 13th

Facing the Future with Confidence - Graduate Sunday

Deuteronomy 7:17-26

  1. Remember the Lord's mighty power. (v 17-19)  We can be paralyzed by "what if".  We can trust God.
  2. Expect the Lord's wise provisions. (v 20-24)
  3. Live as the Lord's holy people (v 25-26)

-For the Israelites, they were able to point to what God did in Egypt and their escape from Pharoh.

-For us, we look to Jesus' death and resurrection for our confidence. 1 Corinthians 1:24

June 6th

A Study of the Sermon on the Mount ~ Matthew 5-7

No One Can Serve Two Masters

Matthew 6:14-24

  1. He is Lord of your life or You're Lord of your life. (v 14-15)
  2. Glorify yourself or Glorify the Father (v 16-18)
  3. Seek material wealth or Seek heavenly reward (v 19-21)
  4. Follow your desires and sense or right and wrong or Follow God's Word. (v 22-23)

May 30th

A Study of the Sermon on the Mount ~ Matthew 5-7

The Lord's Prayer

Discerning the Meaning:

  1. Simplicity (v 7-13)
  2. Sincerety (v 5-6)
  3. Humility (v 2-3)
  4. Honesty (v 1, 4) - David is a good example.

Hear the message:

  • God wants to be involved with not only the "big" decisions, but the small, daily ones as well. (v 10-11)
  • Jesus is not interested in a spiritual show, but a simple honest relationship.