Sermon Notes

February 28th

Light, Love & Life ~ A Study from 1 John

The Outworking of Love - 1 John 4:12-19

  1. Our love for others points to the existence of God.    (v 12)
  2. God's love for us allows for the presence of the Holy Spirit to indwell us. (v 13)
  3. Our love each other adds credibility to our testimony of God's saving grace.        (v 14)
  4. Our love for God proves that our transformation through Christ is genuine. (v 15-16)
  5. God's love for us produces boldness and courage in the heart of the believer.   (v 17-19)

February 21st

Light, Love & Life ~ A Study from 1 John

The Obligation to Love - 1 John 4:7-11

Love isn't a feeling; it's an action.

We are obligated to love . . .

  1. Because love is from God.  (v 7)  Whenever we see something loving, we should recognize it as a "God thing."
  2. Because God is love. (v 8)
  3. Because God initiated the act of love. (v 10a)  Before I knew who God was, He loved me.  
  4. Because God completed the act of love. (v 9, 10b)  John 19:30
  5. Because those who know God, imitate Him. (v 11)

February 14th

Light, Love & Life ~ A Study from 1 John

Test the Spirits - 1 John 4:1-6

-Question: Do you blindly believe? (v. 1)

  • Spiritual forces are at work
  • False prophets are at large

-Test 1: Do they confess the Christ? (vv. 2-3)

  • Jesus is the God-Man Messiah
  • If they don’t confess, they are of the Antichrist

-Test 2: With what audience do they associate? (vv. 5-6)

  • Who listens to them?
  • To whom do they listen?