Sermon Notes

june 26th

Romans: Grace for All

God & America

Romans 8:31-39

6 ways God has had His hand on America

  1. God has protected America (v 31)
  2. God has provided for America (v 32) Genesis 22:14-Jehova Jireh
  3. God has been our justifier. (v33)  Christ's death on the cross makes it as though I have never sinned.  I am covered in the righteousness of Christ.  Nations aren't Christian unless the people are Christian.
  4. God has interceded for America. (v 34)
  5. God has conquered for America. (v 35-37)
  6. God loves America (God loves us. (v 38-39)

June 26th

Romans: Grace for All

Dealing with Suffering

Romans 8:16-28

The Nature of Suffering

Characteristic #1 -  Everyone, at some point in time, will endure suffering. (v 16,18)

Characteristic #2 - Even creation endures suffering (v 20-21) 

Characteristic #3 - Not even Christians are exempt from suffering. (v 23-27)

Question #1 - Why does suffering even exist?  We allowed sin in our world & all of creation fell.

Question #2 - Why doesn't God just do away with suffering? He would have to eliminate sin which would mean eliminating the sinner.

Question #3 - What is God doing during my suffering? (v 28) He's working. How? We just don't get to know how it all fits together.

Question #4 - What should I be doing? (v 28) Loving God and stay faithful.

June 19th

Romans: Grace for All

A New Lease on Life

Romans 8:1:17

God's offer of a new lease on life...

  • Forgets the past. (v 1) god can use our past, not as a point of shame but to help us to minister to others.  
  • Emphasizes His goodness, not ours. (v 3-4) One sin out-weighs all of the "good" I can do.
  • Changes our perspective on the future. (v 6-7) Ex. Y2K Until Jesus comes back, we still have hope.  Because I have a Savior, tomorrow is secure in His hand.
  • Provides a new way to please God. (v 8-9) Our Father in heaven wants to spend time with His child.
  • Promises an inheritance, not a payment. (v 14-17)