Sermon Notes

Jannuary 23rd

Amos - Responsibilities and Risks of the Redeemed - Amos 3:1-15

  • Those who walk with the Lord, must strive to know what the Lord desires. (v 2)
  • Those who walk with the Lord, must work to align their path tot he Lord's. ( v 3)
  • Those who know the Lord must understand the cause and effect that the relationship produces. (v 4-8)
  • The Lord may rise up enemies to steer hearts back to Him. (v 11)
  • The Lord may cause financial crises to make a distinction bewtween those who do and don't obey. (vv 12, 15)
  • the Lord may cause a spiritual desolation to fall on His church, (v 14)

January 16th

Amos - Justice & Genuineness - Amos 1-2


-Amos means burden.

-This was a time where there was a lack of justice and genuine worship.

-It was a time of peace between Israel & Judah

-Amos' contemporaries: Isaiah, Hosea & Jonah

  1. God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. (v 1:1-2) Amos was a sheepbreeder.
  2. God gets furious with the habitually unrepentant. (v 1:2, 2:14-16)
  3. God is aware of the injustices around the globe. (vv 1:3-2:3) 
  4. God is aware of the injustices in our nations. (vv 2:6-16)
  5. God is aware of the indifference of our own heart. (vv 2:4-5)

January 9th

Six Symptoms of a Terminal Church

Revelation 2:12-17

  1. It forgets Who it's all about.  (vv 12-13)  He with the two-edged sword-don't forget Him.  It's not just "me, me, me"
  2. It overlooks God's unique calling. (v 12b) In Revelation, God describes Himself differently to each church because each church minsters differently.  We need to do what we are CALLED to do!
  3. It ignores the work of Satan. (v 13) We cannot close our eyes to Satan & his work in our community.  We must be aware and fight for the Gospel.
  4. It compromises the Word of God. (vv 14-15) An inch leads to a mile - we cannot change one iota of Scripture.
  5. It denies God's call to repentance. (v 16) Repentance is a complete 180-from sin to an honoring relationship with the Lord.  The church MUST acknowledge that this is necessary-cannot deny the need for repentance and a response to God.
  6. I rejects God's promises. (v 17) Doubt that God will fulfill them.  God promises that He will provide and has given us a new name (new creation).